Youth, Blue & U (YB&U) Engagement

The Youth, Blue & U (YB&U) Engagement Project is funded by the Byrne Justice Assistance program, sponsored by the Charlottesville Police Department, and facilitated by the Public Engagement in Governance Looking, Listening and Learning Laboratory (PEGLLLLab) founded and directed by Brian N. Williams, PhD. The YB&U leverages a series of listening and learning exchanges and immersion excursions to bring together kids from the Westhaven Community who are affiliated with City of Promise, student-athletes on the UVA football team who are members of the Groundskeepers, and police officers from the Charlottesville and the University of Virginia Police Departments. The goals of the YB&U are to enhance understanding, improve communications, and encourage a more productive partnership between CPD and UPD officers and the residents, students and visitors those departments and officers serve.