How do we move forward on critically important and deeply divisive issues like policing, public safety, affordable housing, health, and more? At the Public Engagement in Governance Looking, Listening, and Learning Laboratory (PEGLLLLab), we believe that the answer lies in learning how to listen, and through creating and expanding  the conversation to include not only those who create and administer policies, but those who will live with them. This means working with municipalities and organizations to broaden the definition of public safety to include social service professionals and community members – taking a holistic approach that brings more people into a critically-important equation in our world today. At the PEGLLLLab, we work with municipalities to help them bring the public into conversations that will ultimately help us create public policies and align professional and communal practices. We believe, because we have seen it happen, that this more inclusive and participatory approach is key to keeping ourselves and our communities safe, whole, and thriving.